Creating Infrastructure Solutions

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), America’s infrastructure is currently rated a “C-“. The grade considers categories such as roads, dams, stormwater, wastewater, and energy. These critical networks provide essential services to citizens – without them, our local and national economies would collapse. Repairing and replacing these failing conditions is an investment in our communities. Recently, Congress passed the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, aimed at fixing our country’s backbone.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act aims to rebuild American roads, dams and bridges, deliver clean water and energy, expand broadband access, and invest in underserved communities. The bill is the largest investment in American infrastructure since the creation of the interstate and Amtrak rail system.  For decades, the United States has been underfunding local and national infrastructure needs. Immediate needs are served first, creating a backlog of projects in most communities.

Road and Bridge Programs

The infrastructure bill provides $110 billion for road and bridge programs. Forty-three percent of the public roads in the U.S. are in poor to mediocre condition, creating unsafe driving conditions. With today’s economy being mostly online, the U.S. highway system moves 72% of the nation’s goods. If the roadways were to fail, the economy would suffer extreme consequences.

It’s worth noting that the current damage to these roadways and bridges makes them more susceptible to extreme weather events. In regions with hurricanes, earthquakes, or severe storms, the roads and bridges are more likely to deteriorate. Investments are needed to make these systems more resilient – this will increase safety and lower costs associated with routine maintenance.


Stormwater systems across the U.S. need repair. Past funding from local, state, and federal governments has been limited, leaving ditches, canals, pipes, and detention basins damaged. Stormwater systems require continuous maintenance to function properly.

Across the U.S., flooding has become a major concern. Stormwater systems are becoming overwhelmed, creating public-safety and long-term infrastructure issues. Communities may experience property damage, collapsed bridges and roadways, sinkholes, and even death in some cases as a result of unexpected flooding.

Fixing these systems is no small feat. These large networks can be challenging and costly. However, by undermining the health of our communities is a threat to the the future of our country. The outdated water systems can potentially cause harm to consumers. Clean drinking water is the foundation of health. Dealing with outdated and unsafe drinking water is long overdue and becoming an imperative issue.

What Can We do?

To achieve infrastructure that creates a long-term positive affect on our communities, support is needed from our local, state, and federal governments. Funding allows projects to be addressed and backlogs to be cleared. A focus on sustained investment, rather than immediate need, will help raise the national infrastructure grade.

The need for this investment in our infrastructure will bring positive and tangible change to our communities. The improved infrastructure foundation will allow for a successful future.  Access to goods and services through our roads and bridges, clean drinking water from adequate reservoirs and safe watermains, and lead-free services should be readily available to citizens. These are the solutions we hope to be a part of.

It’s clear we need companies such as Infrastructure Solutions, LLC (I-Solutions). With these issues affecting our communities, the time to fix the backbone of America is now. Infrastructure Solutions, LLC was founded in response to the United States infrastructure issues.  Our team of experts is dedicated to repairing and building solutions to meet the needs of our clients and our communities. I-Solutions offers general contracting, construction, and design-build services to those seeking to improve local communities. Quality, integrity, and safety are the focus of every project.

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