We are Ready and Resilient

The ability to mobilize in the A/E/C industry at any given moment increases opportunities, creates safe communities, and allows growth to prosper. How the A/E/C industry succeeds is through individuals being ready and resilient. Over the last few years, those serving public works initiatives have shown a dedication to their communities and have braved the most difficult of challenges. Market growth across the United States requires them to keep showing up and providing infrastructure services.

How to Be Ready and Resilient

As a citizen, we are quick to notice when something needs to be fixed – whether it’s a faulty road, waterline, or sewer system. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Kansas earns a “C” and Missouri earns a “C-” regarding state infrastructure. These failing conditions can cause emergency situations and create a need for firms that mobilize quickly – focusing on solving these infrastructure issues. In the Kansas City Metro Area, the need to repair, maintain, and build new utility infrastructure is at an all-time high.

Architecture and Engineering (Water Environment Team)

During the planning and design phase, experts at Architecture and Engineering (A&E) firms can help cities accomplish their goals. At GBA, teams focus on providing the right solutions to problems facing communities. What works for one, might not work for another. By becoming an extension of city staff, understanding pain points, and working on solutions together, our engineers and architects have created trust and long-term relationships. Allowing for future partnerships and better communication.

At GBA the Water Environment team is responsible for providing designing infrastructure that supports a vital life-sustaining service. In an effort to fix community issues, cities have been working with private firms to create “on-call” partnerships. When a problem arises, the city can reach out to the on-call firm who are ready to work on a solution quickly and efficiently. Over the last 30 years, GBA has had a 30-year on-call partnership with the Johnson County Wastewater Department.

Construction – I-Solutions

Companies such as I-Solutions, use union tradesmen – such as laborers and operators that carry a vast amount of experience and knowledge. These individuals are ready to work at any given moment – allowing projects to proceed almost instantaneously.

These professionals can adapt and provide flexibility when unforeseen circumstances arise.

Serving communities and providing services that make a noticeable difference in the lives of others was a driving force when working through the Covid-19 pandemic. I-Solutions focused on constant communication with subcontractors and suppliers to weather the challenging time. Each employee showed their readiness and resiliency while keeping communities strong and safe.


These two groups each day show up and perform for their communities. Creating positive change around them. The last few years have been proven difficult in the public works sector, however, the employees have proven resilient and ready to go at a moments notice. This public works week we celebrate them. Contact Jason Conklin and/or Gary Beck for more information.

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