Emergency Urban Channel Reconstruction: Rock Creek Trail Project

As a result of a 2020 urban channel assessment, the portion of the Rock Creek channel approximately 78 feet west of Reeds Road was budgeted for design in 2022 ($50,000) and reconstruction in 2023 ($485,000).

In April 2022, the urban channels were re-inspected and accelerated cracking and heaving were observed. Following heavy rains in May 2022, staff observed a large stress fracture in the soil behind the wall and settlement of the Rock Creek Trail.

GBA was subsequently retained to design emergency reconstruction of the retaining wall and bids were obtained for reconstruction of this portion of the retaining wall. This also included 67.5 feet of riprap section just west of Reeds Road that was replaced as an interim solution due to collapse of the retaining wall in 2020.

I-Solutions was selected to provide the following construction activities:
  • Removing the fence and retaining wall
  • Setting concrete blocks in the channel
  • Regrading the channel slope and adding riprap
  • Replacing the fence and trail
  • Site restoration (including laying sod in disturbed areas).
  • Construction fencing was placed around the construction area and the trail was closed west of Reeds Road for safety.
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