Metcalf and 103rd Interceptor Relocation

This project includes the relocation and capacity improvements for the Metcalf and 103rd Interceptor Project.

This project includes the installation of 4’, 6’, 7’, 8’, and 10’ diameter precast manholes, the replacement of existing manholes along new and existing alignments, and the installation of inside drop connections on new precast manholes. I-Solutions is installing 6” and 8” diameter SDR 26 PVC pipe, 30”, 36”, and 48” diameter PS 115 PVC pipe, 48” diameter Class 50 DIP, and 60” diameter PS 115 PVC to replace existing 36” and 48” diameter RCP.

Our experts are installing 72” diameter steel casing pipe specifically, by dry boring and jacking, while removing and replacing service tee connections. I-Solutions is responsible for abandonment of existing manholes in place; abandonment of existing sanitary sewers with flowable fill; reinforced concrete encasements; reinforced concrete special grade control encasements; temporary gravel access road installation and removal; existing aerial pipe crossing and concrete pier removal; streambank stabilization and restoration; existing storm sewer infrastructure removal and replacement; and pothole excavation of existing water main, pre-construction surface video; pre- and post-construction internal CCTV sewer pipe inspection; erosion and sediment control; surface restoration, seeding and sodding, native seeding, slope and stream bank/bed stabilization and restoration, and landscaping; bypass pumping; traffic control; and all other appurtenances necessary to complete the project.