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103rd and Metcalf Interceptor

This project includes the increase of capacity of the sanitary sewer system to accommodate homes and business in Overland Park, KS.

With a projected increase in population in Overland Park, KS and an expansion project already in progress at Johnson County Wastewater (JCW), I-Solutions was tasked to increase the capacity of the sanitary sewer to accommodate homes and businesses in the area.

As the prime contractor for the project, the team was responsible for installing most of the new sewer system and abandoning the existing system.

The existing sanitary sewer system’s largest pipe diameter was 48-inches and was made from concrete. To keep up with industry standards and the growing population, the pipes with the new sanitary sewer would need to be increased to a 60-inch diameter and made from PVC and Hobas, which is a mix of fiberglass and resin.

With the increase in pipe size, the team had to dig 35-feet into the ground to lay the 3,500 linear feet of pipe. While digging, the team also had to assemble new precast manholes and a cast-in-place structure.

The size and location of this project, being in a highly populated area, presented some challenges. The team had to bypass pumping a 48-inch sanitary line that runs next to a creek, that took collaboration between the team members, the sub-contractor and the engineering firm. Time constraints were also a factor due to the size and availability of materials. The team is on track to complete the project on time and within the contract requirements.

Construction for this project is estimated to be completed in August 2023.

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