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Our Process

When we started Infrastructure Solutions we knew we had to start with our clients’ needs and
expectations from a design-build relationship. To us this means:


High Quality of Services   Schedule Optimization

Rapid Deployment   Budget Control


Our construction team has the capability to setup better project controls and processes by working with our in-house design teams in transportation, stormwater, wastewater, environmental and site development. We partner with GBA and their talented engineers in an environment that encourages collaboration and enhances communication and coordination of the entire construction process from conceptualization to utilization.


While Infrastructure Solutions and GBA are independent companies and each company has a different focus in the industry, we work together seamlessly as an integrated team. With the entire design and construction team on the same page from day one, issues and challenges are identified early, analyzed comprehensively, and addressed quickly in-house, minimizing the impact to our client’s project.

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