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Meet our Team

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Jason Conklin


As president of Infrastructure Solutions, Jason is responsible a for ensuring projects are a success from project conception to close-out. He works with all stakeholders to provide the best possible customer experience.


Jason has work for Infrastructure Solutions, LLC since January 2018 and in the Kansas City metro area for 16 years installing sanitary sewer mains and services for both new construction and rehabilitation of existing sewer systems, forcemain sewer, water mains, and water services. 

Team members of Infrastructure Solutions, LLC are focused on one thing - creating better communities. This dedicated group of professionals are ready to invest in neighborhoods across America, through services that focus on rehabilitating our nations infrastructure. 


Ted Miller


Ted joined Infrastructure Solutions in 2019. His background includes overseeing every phase of a construction project, from initial planning to completion. He has worked closely with architects, engineers, city officials and other professionals to coordinate work schedules in a way that prevents conflicts in workflow, ensuring that tasks get done in the right order at the right time. He excels at managing and tracking materials and labor for both small and large teams of laborers.  



Garry Thomas


Garry joined Infrastructure Solutions in 2019. Garry is responsible for supervising crews, coordinating with subs and suppliers to ensure seamless project delivery. He is well versed in interpreting drawings, sketches, and documents to create aggressive schedules for a variety of construction projects. Garry has excellent communication, customer relations and team building skills - his projects put quality and safety first leaving clients satisfied.